**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 Fw 190F-8 - WW2 Foreign Service

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Nov 22, 2009
The Jungles of Canada
Username: fubar57
First name: George
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Model: Focke-Wulf Fw-190F-8/9 Kit #61104
Scale: 1:48
Add-on: Karaya Decals

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Shamelessly stole sprue shots from my other build as they were all the same save for a tree that contains the bomb cart and parts needed for the "F" version





Extra bits, cart on the left and "F" on the right. The circled items are parts that I wish I had noticed while building the last kit. The top parts are to blank off the outer wing guns and would have saved me a lot of grinding and sanding and the lower parts are cut off landing gear which are shown in a few photos of the red 190. Also included in this kit is the lower fuselage antenna which I added from sprue on the last build and will not be used on this build. C'est la vie


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I'm on hold........................... Just like the phone to the airlines when you try to find someone who is human and in your own country to sort a problem. :D
Getting ready to spray RLM66 to the innards. I've been pondering over the photo in the link and I believe Karaya may have gotten a few things wrong. First, how Karaya want this to look and then the problem areas I see.


An enlargement of the troubles

Screenshot 2023-03-26 141753.jpg

  1. The spinner seems yellow not red
  2. The oil cooler ring seems likely to be red
  3. The cowling does not seem to be red or maybe its the light. Possibly RLM74?
  4. I see no red on the wing tip but the photo seems to show two different colours
  5. There is no call out for the canopy colour but I thinking RLM74
There is only one photo that I can find and possibly Karaya have found others that justify their interpretation. They list a book by Kecay Publishing, "Captured Butcherbirds" as one source

It looks that the Karaya mixed two paintings of the plane or there were two different ones. IMHO that's the same kite but at the different time.

Here is your one posted in your first post. It can be noticed that the cockpit hood had the metal part painted in the same colour what the rest of the plane was. So ..

add 1. I agree, the yellow there not the red.
add 2. Not sure. Still looking for a better quality shot.
add 3. The red coat IMHO.
add 4. Also looking for.
add 5. The yellow colour there. But the second pic show it of the dark coat. At glance it is of a lighter tone than the red. But it could be a light trick and the red paint was used there too. However I wouldn't exclude it was of the blue because the tinge of the part seems to be the same like the US Star marking.

But the major difference is the inscription on the engine cowling. The Karaya wrote the "Cobras prize". However the one seen in the second pic below seems to be named "Rover's Revenge".


the pic source:


the source: 0000 (Copier).jpg - Casimages.com
I have found the second shot enlarged. The inscription on the engine cowling can be seen nicely.. It's "Rover's Revenge". Also a note though ... in all pic here it can be noticed that the cockpit hood is of the earlier, more flat shape. The one seen in the pic scanned from the Karaya booklet seems to be the late bulged canopy.


the source: the net.
Judging by the two above images of the kite I would say that's the same "Rover's Revenge" Wurger. The one from the Karaya booklet is the same but she might have had the hood replaced. Unfortunately there is the only one pic ( from the 354th FG site ) of enough good quality to see the shape of the hood. The other two don't present that conopy correctly although the Karaya shot may suggest the later bulged one.
Why ? I would say you may stay with the kite. The colour of the wing tips can be discussed to be there or not. But that's the detail. The same with the back part of the cockpit hood. It may be either of the yellow or of the red ( blue ?) coat. The inscription can be a trouble but it is quite easy to make it from scratch in the scale.
An interesting subject Geo. I have nothing of substance to add to the colour discussion so will just sit here and watch.
I've changed subject in Post #1......again. I just want to get this one done before the deadline. I can't find a photo of this kite so will build and mark as Karaya suggests. It says the aircraft was painted in "...standard Fw-190 F-8". Thanks to Wojtek for his always stellar detective work. I will build the yellow F-8 one day and just say they haven't applied the nose-art yet.
OK, enough dithering. First step, some surgery


Spritz...spritz. Knowing what I know now from the last build, I trimmed all excess film from the I.P. decals and cut them into sections


Anyone ever heard of this brand of seat harnesses? I don't remember buying them and the instructions are not the best. They are made of fibre and I'm using Elmer's to glue everything together. Not sure how they will bend


One done....


Won't get too much more done, packing day. Not looking forward to the week ahead, frost is coming out of the ground now and the roads will be a mess

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