**** DONE: GB-57 1/72 Fw 190D-9 - WW2 Foreign Service

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yesterday I gave it a little push since I have the guidelines of the profile.the lower part in the absence of painting the wings of rlm76 ..

Later I dedicated myself to painting the marks to cover the German marks and the yellow tail.

so after this I dedicated myself to the rlm 82

the photo of when I gave it the rlm 83 has turned out fatal so I can't post it to you, sorry, so the following photos are of the black and white squadron markings in front of the tail

When this last step I will put the varnish to place the decals.

the final squeeze I hope to see if I finish it this week that next weekend I won't be able to wear...
I bring you more progress and all the decals placed and ready for when micro sol dries, give the seal to the decals to slightly panel and give it the final varnish... and then all that remains is to make the propellers in motion
Really like that
And to my pity that this model is very bad, that's why I'm going to put it as if it were flying, because the legs of the landing gear are plastic without any shape, the propeller cone has a square tip and the propeller blades are like the blades of Japanese planes very thin...
It's that for €3 I couldn't ask for more...

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