**** DONE: GB-57 1/72 Gloster Gladiator - WW2 Foreign Service

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Which kit?
The recent(ish) Airfix 1/72 one. It looks quite nice, but its typical of Airfix's current fare - slightly soft plastic with a soapy feel to it (I can't seem to get on with the stuff - as a number of abandoned Hurricanes, Spitfires and Mustangs bear witness!). I've only got as far as scraping the fuselage inside clean for some etched detail and painting the inside of the fabric areas.

Really like the old matchbox kits, my version


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Since this is a low budget build, I am only using materials found lying around the house. To seal cracks, I'm using craft glue. A dab on the top of the cowl fixes the bump at the seam.
My decision not to prime is coming back to haunt me as I see the bright red plastic showing through at some of the joins. Picked up a jar of PollyScale French Khaki for the upper surfaces.
Looks like I am going to modify the aircraft # to G32. G23 crashed pre-war. G32 engaged Messerschmitts of I/1JG on 11 May, 1940, piloted by Sgt. Henri Winand. It was destroyed on the ground the following day.
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Today's mission was to acquire suitable paint for topside and paint the upper surfaces. Since I had forgone priming, and am painting everything with brush, it required several coats to achieve a mostly uniform coverage. That red plastic really shows through! I'm not entirely happy with the way the engine mounts to the fuselage. Seems a bit cocked. My demarkation line between upper and lower fuselage looks pretty good for painting freehand.

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