**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 Fw 190F-8 - WW2 Foreign Service

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Last update, inserts on lower wing. Excellent fit, ignore the slight step on the right. Camera thang.


Tamiya thoughtfully hollowed out the exhausts. They want you to paint the ejector ports but I'm going to cut them out instead. Done for another week, have a great one gentlemen

Your one strap looks very good and looking at the PE it has that sort of cardboard look about but obviously bends well so that you can get all those little buckles on. :D
So I goes down stairs last night to pick up where I left off last week and nearly have a heart attack. This was the last thing I glued before I left and I must have moved the bulge when I was cleaning up


The thing was glued solid and wouldn't budge. I figured I'd try one thing first before I gave up. I flipped the wing half over and drilled out the lower attachment point of the bulge and then slowly started to work a utility knife blade under the bulge. I slowly rocked the blade from side to side and when I got about ¾ of the way up the bulge I was able to twist it to the left


Thanks all. About to have the togetherness, waiting for some glue to set. The dry fit is far better than the last GB bird; odd because they use most of the same parts. While waiting I've been looking for F-8 camouflage as the decal instructions say, "....Camouflage: standard Fw-190F-8.....". As far as I can make out, this could be 75/74/76 or 75/82/76. I'm leaning to the later as that seems to be what the decal guide show



What I find interesting is that the rudder is a different colour the the bottom/sides, almost the later RLM76 hue found on the Doras. Togetherness pics shortly
Sub-assemblies. Since the photo, the innards were attached from the bottom of the fuselage


The seat harnesses weren't as bad as feared though the instructions leave a lot to be desired. I attached the "metal" parts to the harnesses with Lepage's Clear Glue and then used CA to attach everything to the seats. The PVA held very well


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