**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 Fw 190A-8 - WW2 Foreign Service

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Waiting for glue to dry so I looked for other stuff to occupy my time. One side drilled out and glued on. Guns will be removed later


Breezing along and if it was you who drilled that exhaust, good for you. I think these sorts of details make all the difference in a finished build. :D
Going over pics of the aircraft again I notice this....antenna slightly offset to the left?

All drawings I have indictae the middle of the bottom. But judging by pics there was a slightly offset to the port side. It is quite logical because there was a bottom stringer in the middle of the airframe structure running.









Thanks guys. I notice the DF loop is missing on mine but the mount is still there. I also now notice two types of pitot tubes, one Luftwaffe style and one American with the vane on top. Possibly as a result of an earlier forced landing. Fuselage is now glued together and I hope to get the wings together before I head back to camp
Under-wing inserts, depending on which variant one uses. I haven't had a close look at L5/L6 yet but the item I posted in Post #1 says wing guns were removed and faired over "...while those of the Mg 131 over the engine cowling remained unfaired....". Not sure if this means the Mgs were still there or there was just the openings. Anyhoo....



A very nice fit. I'm not going to do much with the engine as not a lot of it will be seen

Good stuff. I don't know the answer to the detail on the wing gn but I would assume that the bulge would still be there but the opening would have got a patch of some kind. The D/F loop is usually someting I chcuk out anyway and make from scratch using wine bottle foil or something similar.

Geo, in these pics below it can be noticed tha the wing armamant was removed including the small "gutters" at the wing leading edge. The same can be seen in the colour images of her. All the slots for the wing guns were hiden with plugs/stickers and overpainted.

Fw 190A-8.jpg



Regarding the fuselage MGs .. I can't notice them. None of the colour shots and also the B&W ones show them attached. Contrary to that, the images of the "White 40 " taken with the almost the same angle present it nicely






the pic source: the net.
Beauty. This is the kit part. I will have to remove the guns (A) and try to bore out some holes. Its been reported by other builders that the fit of the panel is less than stellar but in real life it was like that, especially at the rear. A test fit shows some material needs to be removed here (2). I'll take a photo when I get home

Camp bus in 20 minutes. Have a good week gents
The fitting of the front top hatch was quite good but according to my observations it was getting worse in time due to the attitude of the maintenance crews. Also the factories didn't keep the quality during the production process. Especially at the end of the war.

Fw-190A8_front hatch_a.jpg

Fw-190A8_front hatch_b.jpg

Fw-190A8_front hatch_c.jpg
Don't muck it up George, just take your time on your return. I'd just cut out the small area concerned, cover it with a bit of plastic card and file that to shape and thin the thickness. Just an idea. :D
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Home again and napped for four hours. Took some pics and did a bit of work. Before I left last week I did a test fit of the wing/fuselage join and noticed a gap on the upper join. I added a piece a sprue to spread things out a bit when I got home this morning


This is just a test fit, not glued yet. A bit of work to do on the right trailing edge


Test fit of the upper gun cowling


Mgs removed and the right side started


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