Finnish 109's

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Wayne Little

Oct 7, 2006
Adelaide Sth. Aust.
Hi Guys, I was helping net_sailor with some info on some Finnish 109's and said that I would post some shots of a couple that I built some time ago.

So here goes...


  • Bf109G2 MT213_2 o'clock.JPG
    Bf109G2 MT213_2 o'clock.JPG
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  • Bf109G2 MT213_4 o'clock.JPG
    Bf109G2 MT213_4 o'clock.JPG
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Yes, you are correct netsailor they are pretty clean...I built both about 10 years ago, when still in the learning curve, by the way you never stop learning!, at this time I would say that I would not revisit them to improve them or add antenna wire as they also serve as a reminder of the varing stages of learning and improving skills....but you never know...
Thanks guys, some more shots of MT-213....Ok, Wurger it's under consideration...


  • Bf109G2 MT213_4 o'clock high.JPG
    Bf109G2 MT213_4 o'clock high.JPG
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  • Bf109G2 MT213_8 o'clock.JPG
    Bf109G2 MT213_8 o'clock.JPG
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Think,think....The model looks nice ,the Finnish camo painting is rarely presented.What is the firm name of the kit?
Wurger the kits are Hasegawa, will post some shots of the second one tomorrow night, for now one more of MT-213 and some reference shots of the actual aircraft.

Photo Credit Suomen Ilmavoimien Historia No.11 Finnish Fighter Aces
by Kalevi Keskinen, Kari Stenman and Klaus Niska.
Fantastic reference book.lots of photo's and pilot detail.

MT-213 was flown by 16.5 victory Ace Lt. Eero Juhani Riihikallio and is depicted in May 1944 in green and Black upper camo victory list indicates 3 in this aircraft, caption claims 4.5?
The second photo shows MT-213 in April 1943 still in Original german Grey(s) camo.


  • MT-213 Original German Greys.JPG
    MT-213 Original German Greys.JPG
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  • MT-213 green  Black camo.JPG
    MT-213 green Black camo.JPG
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  • Bf109G2 MT213_8 o'clock high a.JPG
    Bf109G2 MT213_8 o'clock high a.JPG
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Well done. Great detail work. Great panel lines.

The Finns kicked the crap out of the Russians until they were simply overwhelmed by numbers. Some tough people those Finns.

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