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Apr 21, 2005
Perfidious Albion
Just joined so will use this post to see if I've done everything correct! :confused:
Any chance of an English flag? :crybaby:
Yep, an Enblish flag in the avatar selection. Been having a look around, learnt a lot already, and that's before I start asking damnfool questions! ;)
Wildcat said:
You can choose a Pommie flag in your profile section.
Whoops did I say Pommie? (gets ready for the onslaught!)
I quite like the nick name Pommie and Limey its the Bastard bit on the end i,m not too sure about :)
the lancaster kicks ass said:
actually very few counties have their own flag and if they do most people don't even know about it :lol:

but we have a great flag!!

And oh so original, who would have thought of a white cross on a black flag ;) Those colours really show just how old fashioned cornwall is, Colour hadnt even been invented :lol:

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