Flyboys trailer and mini movie on Yahoo

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Actually, there were several Fokkers that were red. I think the scene where he pulls around and salutes, you hear him fire and then a clank. I was thinking either the German guns jammed or he ran out of ammo.
i found it quite funny the french guy talking about being more aggresive :lol: but jesus yeah that really is hollywood, right down to the picture of the girl in the cockpit...........
If I remember correctly, this is about the Lafayette Escadrille, which was an American unit of the French air force. But knowing Hollywood it will be all about the Americans saving the day for you helpless Europeans.:rolleyes: :lol:
I checked it. You have to have either Windows Media Player 9.0, RealPlayer 10.0 or QuickTime installed. Which I don't, so I'll have to upgrade. :computer:
It would be nice if they could cover all of the details, but it is Hollywood, after all. I flew with a couple of guys that tested the cameras they used for the aerial scenes in the movie. They mounted the cameras on a Stearman and flew mock engagements with the Fokker down at Chino. Jimmie New and Hartley Folstad did the flying for the poor cameramen, who all succumbed to airsickness during the shoot. Not surprising as they were looking into a screen that controlled a camera that could shoot from any angle. Imagine looking at a screen where you a seeing something that is different than what the rest of your senses are telling you.:puke:
Saw the trailer and the teasers. Man, talk about using up all the cliches. Sure you'll see the usual standbys (guy who's flow too much, guy who is a great pilot and competes with our hero for the girl, bad guy on the other side who shoots all the protagonists friends down, The fat, good natured guy who has to, absolutely HAS TO go down in flames, ect). Matter of fact, it seems like this one was already made a few times ("Dawn Patrol" with Erol Flynn, "The Blue Max" with George Peppard and "Aces High" with Malcolm McDowell).

But I don't want to knock it too much. There's not much coming out of Hollywood that is worth it. And the box office returns prove it.

Although, only seen the teasers so I don't know about the movie, but it would've been cool if they could've tossed in a couple of Albatross or Pfalz fighters with the flamboyant coloring the Imperial Air Service was famous for. Only Red Tripes makes the Germans look so unimaginative ("Hans, what shall ve paint ze new Triplane?", "Ach, I don't know Fritz, vy don't we paint it RED to avoid confusion", "Ya, Zat es goot, Hans, you ist a genious").

Hollywood! Well, it looks like they were at least trying to get it right. Kinda.
I think the Blue Max had it all over Flyboys withstanding the Tiger Moths.In Flyboys there is one scene in which there is about 30 aircraft in a 100metre radius looks pretty bogus to me
Whenever my wife and I go to a movie we can usually tell by watching the trailers which movies will be good or not.

This one's a turkey. I'll wait until it comes out on DVD.
there're very few films i actually think look good enough to make the effort to go to see in the cinema and this doesn't really look like one, there's no way i'm not gonna see the new dambusters as soon as it comes out though!
I saw the movie last night - I thought it was pretty good considering all the German aircraft were Tripes painted red. Noting to brag about but some good Hollywood flying scenes. The Gotha and HP Bomber simulation looked good as well.

"Hollywood Inaccuracies." You have to live with them unless a real aviation enthusiast has the time and money to do a film 100% authentic. At least some of the aircraft used were flyers...

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