Football players are pussies

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Nov 22, 2004
This ough to be very vulgar...

A few days ago I was watching segments of the FIFPro World XI Player Awards.

In case you do not know what on earth is that, it is FIFA´s (Football, or soccer) process where footballers themselves nominate their peers as the best footballers of the planet: best goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards.

I could not laugh more.

Football players have now become "pop stars", or better said, pussies, sissies, frail fancy prostitutes...

All you have to do is to take a look at former-Trafalgar Square punkie, David Beckham to understand what the hell I am talking about....

The bitch appeared on some Spanish newspapers several months ago, posing for some photographer TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT EVEN WHEN SLEEPING THE BITCH IS BEAUTIFUL....

Real Madrid fans (which are tough fans) exploded in rage when they saw the British bitch posing for such a "purpose".

Something rotten is going on in England when one knows the Queen has met with prostitute Beckham. There will be the day when the Queen will meet with Marilyn Manson who will give a speech to the House of Lords.

Take a look at the format of the ceremony...a very "original" Oscars rip-off....all people in the large room smiling, nothing but "very cute" and fancy people...the most hypocrite, false and ridiculous of the atmospheres.

Italian footballers...jesus christ of nazareth....those are pussies number 1!

Nesta, know, both guys with that silly face like saying "ohhhh..I am so sweet, so pretty and sooooooooooooooooo ellegant girls can´t stand me".

Both bitches would not survive for more than 90 seconds in the streets of Mexico City.

At least Pele did not show up, allegedly due to some unforeseen event. I hope the real reason Pele had to not attend this funny event was he still has some dignity, unlike the present-day sissies.

I wonder when was it the football lost its dignity and manhood to give life to this new generation of former corner prostitutes suddenly turned into "celebrities".
Manchester United is a worldwide brand name. Out in asia, I saw lots of Man-U shirts being worn, but few B-M shirts. I think even some of the german tourists also wore the Man-U shirts.
syscom3 said:
I think even some of the german tourists also wore the Man-U shirts.

Nope you are completely mistaken then. That is like committing heressy. It wont happen. Germans hate Man U.

Bayern Munich is actually ranked the Number 1 team in the world right now!
Im not really a football lover but I can understand why it is the most popular sport in the world even poor nations can compete as it requires no special kit. kids with nothing, kick tin cans round and get fun from this simple to understand sport.
I agree many players are primadonnas, there is far to much money in it and it has also become a bit too tribal for me.
Isn't the future world cup going to be held in Deutschland ? Oh man the GErman team is going to be up for the world if this is true ?? 8) Adler I agree Bayern über alles

I do like football. I happen to be the forward of a team here in Mexico City -it is a semi-professional league, not the first division-. Game level is certainly high though. All guys in due shape, pure fitness, and also good speed of play, amazing technique.

Some of them will certainly join 1st division teams here soon. Still, football ain´t my favorite sport.

The problem with the present-day sissies who are stars in european leagues -especially England, Spain and Italia- is the attitude and the image they display.

I´ve seen world cup documentals and I recall a great German player: Franz Beckenbauer playing with the German team in the Mexico 70 world cup with a screwed shoulder. His shoulder got fastened using some clothe and he rejoined the game, something I call guts and manhood.

I am not too familiar with football geniuses as I said, but I also recall Pele and the killers of the Brazilian team rolling over the italians in the final match of Mexico 70. Even the italians of those days looked like man.

Any of these present day queer pseudo pop-stars (i.e. Nesta, Zambrotta, Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo) would run and hide behind mommy´s skirt, weeping like shocked kindergarten students.

Look at them, even a woman can surpass most of those tramps in courage and guts.

How is it that a man can not feel embarrased to know he posed for some photographer while -allegedly- sleeping to show the world "that even when sleeping the guy is beautiful"? (His mouth will not open while sleeping, seeing the saliva leaking out and the like)

I do not know how you´d call it, but I find no difference between corner prostitution and Miss David Beckham going.

Oh, and by the way, I asked a girlfriend of mine if she found Miss Beckham as gorgeous as the man wants his promoter to tell the world, her (and others) reply:

"A completely, totally, ordinary punk."

You are correct about practicing sports in the Mexico City area.

Being a sea lover sometimes I wonder what the hell I´m doing in a city 2,300 meters above sea level (right: air is polluted).

We play on Sunday morning, an hour when traffic is certainly lower so the atmosphere is somewhat "cleaner", and yes, you must be in a hell of a shape to endure all two 45 minute period (90 minutes) with a 10 minute rest between each period.

A Brazilian arrived here 2 months ago, straight out from Rio de Janeiro; the guy is a magician with the ball in his possession: almost fainted after playing the first 18 minutes of the first period. He is in the process of getting used to this altitude.
Parmigiano said:
Ok Adler, we'll see this year in Campions league with the Juventus...

Yeap as a matter of fact I think Bayern is playing Juventus next. Juventus is going down by the way! :D

Erich said:
Isn't the future world cup going to be held in Deutschland ? Oh man the GErman team is going to be up for the world if this is true ?? Adler I agree Bayern über alles

Yes Erich the World Cup is in Germany next year and I am fortunate eneogh to work on field medical staff with the German Red Cross at a couple of the games at the Stuttgart Gotlieb Daimler Stadium! It is going to be awesome! Deutsche National Elf ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!!!!

man what a choice deal you got yourself into.....ok man I need a couple of cheap German Füsball souvenirs ? :lol:

Should be total mayhem for fans and a great deal to keep people from thinking of all the seriousness in life. now, just no punk moronic terrorists to show up unless they want to get kicked to death

Erich said:
Isn't the future world cup going to be held in Deutschland ? Oh man the GErman team is going to be up for the world if this is true ?? 8) Adler I agree Bayern über alles

It's true, but here's waging and hoping Germany loses. :D ;)

Sorry, just rooting for the BEST team - Brasil. 8)

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