French are really a bunch of fags...

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Master Sergeant
Look at those video clips... Trust me, you don't need to understand French to get the meaning of those songs.

Note : I swear that those video clips were made by real signers, not humorists. They are actually real clips being shown on French TV.

WARNING : The videos contains explicit images... A little like the "Dildo Song" I posted a while back.

**EDIT** : After reviewing the clips, I came to the conclusion that it could get me banned, so I erased the links. I'm sorry for the trouble...

Have fun... If I may say so...


Master Sergeant
Yeah... I would have completely deleted the post but I could not find the "Delete" button. Looks like the admin forgot to put that option back...

Or if you insist, Les, I can put those links back... But don't blame me if you receive complaints...


Staff Sergeant
Hehehe! Not that I don't disagree about the frenchies, but how come you can't use the dimutive term J** for Japanese and we can call them fags?


Master Sergeant
Okay, I just received a PM from Les telling me that I could post the links. So here they are...

**WARNING** : Strong adult content.

Video 1
Video 2

Please, keep in mind what I told you : those guys are real signers, not humorists. Those video clips are shown on French TV like if it was the most recent clip of Nickelback or System Of A Down.

Enjoy... If I may say so...

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