French GIGN - Bravo!

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:shock: That's hardcore! Go Frenchies!

Impressive stuff all round - the ladder thing was a bit of a ****-up, but they all got in and kicked some butt, so it came good in the end... :snipersmile:
Well first a Janssen Motor Sling would be thrown over the top nose section, which allows 2 men to be simultaneously lifted from each end, using a battery operated motor.... 2 snipers at conflicting angles cover the cockpit (one at actual camera footage location)... Have entry team at door and hit the cockpit windows and door at the same time.... Gas and stun grenades go first.... blah blah blah...

BTW, I have an unfair advantage cause we prepped for the same Op in 95, usin this tape as a background on what not to do.... It was amateur night like I said... We kinda made fun of them...
Was your scenario with the goblins all in the cockpit? My first thought was that any scenario would result in mass killing inside with pistols and AKs. They were just to stupid not to carry out their evil.

And a motor slin over the cockpit? How does that work with the sloping nose and no protuberances on which to anchor?

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