Frontiers of Flight Museum Dallas, TX

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Apr 15, 2005
Just got back. It's almost brand new and very nice. Inside they had quite a few things- Crusader, Corsair II, p-80, Sopwith Camel, some stunt planes I don't know much about, f-16, the first Learjet, apollo 7 pod, Texan, tiger moth, and a few others. It's not a huge building but has a bunch of well detailed displays with great looking models. Ooo, they also had a Ryan Staggerwing, really pretty. They also had an experimental Lear product of which only three were made, had a pusher prop along with two jet engines, the guide didn't tell us the name of it. Our guide was I believe from the 14th Air Force and flew a Mustang, which he told us quite often was the best fighter of the war. He was very knowledgeable, but didn't let me get a word in edgewise and very opinionated. I say you get the right to be opinionated and grumpy once you've served the country like that. I only have one question- the sabre in this picture I took doesn't look like a sabre at all. I've driven by the museum before and I didn't recognize it. I'll post the serial number. If anyone has any info please post, it's really bugging me that I couldn't i.d. an f-86 correctly.

If you're ever in the Dallas area, I'd recommend it. It's right next to Love Field.


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Hah, yes that is me. My dad got a kick out of that last picture... it's me sticking my head up the tail of a shooting star. And yeah that sabre is a dog. It doesnt have any guns either, so I dunno...
Cool. I emailed the curator about the f-86l and the learjet I was wondering about and got some good info on it. I'll upload the docs...

Notice the three engines on the Lear Fan. The V-tail gives it a very distinctive look as well. My tour guide said that they never got licensed because multi-engined planes are required to be able to run on one engine and they had too much trouble changing from one engine to the other or something like that. Lear died before it could be fixed and his wife didn't have the funds to continue the project. Three were made, I think just one or two survive today.


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Yeah, the Lear is a looker, unlike the sabre...

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