Should Germany's main frontline fighter have been the Fw-190?

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by the way there are sub varinats included in this listing such as the R11 which housed special all weather equipment. My cousins A-9 may have been one of these. His Weiße 2 was # 206 085 built at Cottbus
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why ? am I not understanding something ? Verstehen nicht ?

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ok my paraphrasing and I am really tired today, 3 hrs just doesn;'t cut it for me.

Basically the A-9 differed from the A-8 in the installation of the BMW 801 TU/TS, designed with larger bladed wooden propellar, although recently excavated wreck(I.JG 11)-15 February 45; was recovered with the earlier metal propellar. Other differecnes from the A-8 concerned the 14 bladed cooling fan, additional armor for the engine oil cooler, oil tank and the Schmierstoffkuhler(another cooling device). the covers the engine exhaust pipe system arrangements. Cylinders 9 and 10 shared a common exhaust on the D-2, but had individual exhausts in the new engine. Two A-5's served as test beds for the new engine....the Wrk. nummern seems to be no set pattern to the issuance of the w. nummers, some of the official documentation is contradictory and exact production figures cannot be determined, although from the w. nummers presented it maybe deduced that some 910 Fw 190A-9's were constructed......

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