Gathering of WW2 Legends/veterans- East Kirkby -May 2 Lincs

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Heres my contribution a photograph of £10 can I have a picture of £5.50 in change please as I now have to catch a bus too my Origami lessons since my local branch folded.


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Unlike most of my countrymen I actually give a shit, and would like our Lanc to fly with your Lanc during this occasion. So not to be out done by trackend, here's my contribution. :lol:
(If it were only this easy! :rolleyes:)

KK, Maestro, come on! Cough it up! Let's send the old girl overseas!
One thing though: She'd better come back! :angry5:


Oh, just ignore the big "SAMPLE" printed across the bills. :-"


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Med ( HI's life in the Moderation lane?) move with the times...I understood that :lol: ( Im a text freek though)
My canadian Lancs..... same as ever...blind faith and mi lucky earings!!!!!
Well I have just sent an e mail to the 'East Kirkby Heritage Centre' Tricky..... Bank holiday trains permitting.... I shall be there ( if so... armed with camera).
Hey Trackends.... keep bunging them here mate , I for one like to know. Ta luv (a Northern thank you).

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