Gathering of WW2 Legends/veterans- East Kirkby -May 2 Lincs

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That'd be a good way of identifying each other, tops with and our nickname on it. :lol:
Ive just forked out 600 quid on some video equipment so im goner spend the next few weeks tying to get getting used to it, probably end up taking shots of me right ear still I may see you young fellas there then you can tell me what the bloody hell im looking at as everyone on this web site seems to know more than me about aircraft. But that was why I came on here, to learn as they say youre never too old to.
Iv'e order my tee shirt already Lanc bloody £24
I'm sure i can get some good stills Erich of the P51's but you may have to put up with some crap on the video's
Fuck off, I was joking. I'm not doin' it... :lol: Plus I wouldn't be able to if I wanted, since I have absolutely no money...zilch...nothing...well...£20 in the bank, and that's it. :confused:

Complete lack of money coming from being in Manchester on Friday and spending it all...Audioslave concert cost me a lot...but it frucking rocked, so it was well worth night of my life. I should have told you Crippen so I could have crashed at your place instead of paying for the hotel... :rolleyes:
Since I went too hon, you would have been most welcome (I have two big spare settees mate). They are a tad shit hot arn't they.
'Like a Stone' will remain one of my favourites forever I am sure.

narr, I won't be getting a T shirt. If you guys are meeting up and you want me to swing by for a short while, to a certain meet up place. Post it below or e mail me whatever.
I will check on here on wednesday just incase.
Take care.
Hugs Cripps (Bev)
Oh man, you were at Audioslave? I was right up front in the mosh pit, it was crazy shit! I didn't know you were going to be there...we could have met... :rolleyes:
never mind plan_D.... but next time you're head to a concert in Mancs... check. I wasn't near the front... but that is my favourite place....makes a whole heap of difference. glad you had a good time.

Right then anyone going to Duxford on Saturday........ I am off to London tomorrow for 4 days and going down to Duxford on the Saturday, should get there at noon as the train from London to Cambridge gets there at 11. 15 ish.
Looking at the weather I will be in my pale ( beigey green ) coloured jeans, cream top (possible beige jumper with hood if cold) and a small beige ruck sack with a small ban the bomb peace badge black white. Very dark collar length hair.
approach with care ... I bite :rolleyes: joking honest.
It would be good just to say 'Hi' for a few moments, though the odds are not good I know.
Have a fantastic time folks......... look forward to seeing your pics.
Love and hugs to all.
Bev aka Crippen
Well...I'll have an Audioslave hoody on...and that's all that'll stand out with me :confused:
I'll be in the Friends of the Fighter Collection area to watch the show, I'll be getting there at about 8. Look for a Mossie t-shirt, glasses and a haircut somewhere bvetween a pudding basin and a mullet.

Seeya there (hopefully)
Hi Lads. Sorry I didnt find ya :cry: .... MUST meet up sometime though, Jeez wasn't it good ?
I had a fantastic time. I have started a DUXFORD feed back thread.... go find it and add your bit on WW2 Events thread (which I cant wait to read.... teach me what I missed) and I cant wait to see your pictures too, I only took a sure shot camera.
I tell you if this site should really get a meet up together at an Airshow...... (or at least plan it better for Duxford next year), I was stood with a large bunch of Germans (nice guys) who had planned the trip over...... if they can do that, then we should get our act together from here.

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