Gathering of WW2 Legends/veterans- East Kirkby -May 2 Lincs

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Crippen said:
Med, move with the times...

Nooooo! I like myself the way I am - the idea of Cool is an anathama to me. I even like going to really pretentious London nightclubs and annoying the DJ by requesting this;

In any case, I loathe mobile phones. I don't have one and don't plan on ever changing that. (Especially when you can simply borrow other peoples!)

Still, when all you lot are 'Shaun of the Dead' from the microwave radiation they pump out, the only person who'll be standing in my way to my goal of total world domination will be a shepherd who lives on St. Kilda. :mrgreen:
Med you paint such a wonderful picture of yourself I am now truly smitten :oops: (I thought I should keep in with you incase I am still around when you have gained world domination.... yes it might be possible that I will survive, as...... I was brain dead before I bought a mobile m8).
But Maybe you could be wrong, it could be like passive smoking, borrowing mobiles and using them just now and again, together with sitting next to those who use them, could have a greater affect on you...... ummm! what ya fink?
Went to the kirkby thing it was awesome, met Stapme stapleton, doug nicholls, phil tetlow J bennet, J pearl, tr toombs,bob pierson(tail end charlie), and a ew others saddly not Richard todd, he had gone by the time we had got there as had many of the other Veterans, wonderful day, saw the spitfires and just jane taxi.
Not been on for some time, but I am still loving the planes guys.

I have just booked tickets to go to 'Duxford Flying Legends' air show on 9th and 10th July. Lots of WW2 planes for me to see :D .
A B&B and a nice walk around the area whilst I am up there for the weekend and the odd pub no doubt. Ummm! All a bit gorg me finks 8) .

And I have also booked for the 'Walney' Airshow ( just up past Barrow) for July 16th. Tiz the former RAF gunnery airfield and next to the sea..... so another 'gud ol' weekend sorted out.

Anyone going to either and fancymeeting up for a brew 'or' a swift half 'And' educating me about the planes whilst I'm there. Well you know I love them (planes) but know little about them…… here's your chance to talk non-stop about the ins and outs of planes to a captive audience ( keep it too the level of educating a four year old…… remember I'm female 'and' older…… brain cells dieing fast :rolleyes: :cry: :oops: ).

Anyway I will be there nontheless.
Take it easy. Cripps. x
hey Lancs who said I was back mate :rolleyes: :lol:
Well Med, No where to run, no where to hide hey :lol: ta! hon.

A wee note re said site; it was started a couple of years back, only because, whilst I was busy surfing the net many of my mates had only just learnt how to plug in their computer.
So it was set up for them to 'play around' on and learn to find their way on a site, click on links, register, log on, write on a message board blar blar blar.
It is just a fun board no theme to it, just random crap, but we had a few laughs and It served its purpose well at the time.

I then I shut it down for a while...server probs (its free you see :rolleyes: ), I only opened it up recently and re vamped the front, to have a place for my China challenge stuff to go and added another forum (diff server)which will be used later this year for speed daters to talk (long story.... charity thing).
So yer feel free to go on, knockyourselves out, go nuts and make it your own even, whatever! :D Tiz nowt special as you will see :oops:

Hey I am getting a tad interested in 'Mig Jet fighters' anyone have any back ground on um? or should I post on aircraft requests like a good girl?
I was aware of the Fresco, Fishbed and Foxbat, but I watched a programme on the Mig-29 Folcrum and I thought it was non to shabby. So whats the low down guys? ( worry not Lancs, my heart remains WW2 Brits).
Cripps, I'll see yah at Flying Legends. 8)

And what do you want to know about MiGs? MiG-29s are a comparable aircraft to the F-15 Eagle and a lovely looking bird they BOTH are.

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