GB-59 1/72 B-26 - WW2 PTO V

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Greg Boeser

1st Sergeant
Jul 29, 2016
Username: Greg Boeser
First Name: Greg
Category: Intermediate
Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Monogram B-26 Marauder Snaptite
Extras: Eduard B-26 photo etch, Squadron vacuform , Shapeways .50 cal mgs, aftermarket decals (manufacturer TBD).


Thanks to M Maty12 for tipping me to a Monogram Snaptite B-26B on Ebay.
This kit is a short wing, early B-26B, requiring the least modification to convert to a B-26 "straight" as used by the 22nd BG.
I hope to tart it up with the photo-etch and vacuform, plus the .50 cals. I will have to scratch new spinners. It needs new decals, which will probably have to be cobbled together. If converting the tail is too much for my feeble skills I will convert it into an early B-26B of the 69th or 70th BS.
I found a decal sheet that will work with a little cut and paste.
The decal sheet costs more than the model. And may not arrive in time.
Kit has arrived with the extra goodies.

Looks nice.
The Eduard photo etch is geared to the Airfix kit, which I have. So, I might be using interior parts from that as needed.
The Monogram kit has good molding lines for the bomb bay doors and the camera hatch. I want to build an "open plan" with all hatches, bomb bays, etc, open to show off the innards.

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