GB-59 1/72 B-26 - WW2 PTO V

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Present plan is to cannibalize the Airfix kit for the guts. Not sure how that will squeeze into the Monogram fuselage.
The gunners' compartment and tail gunner compartment are gonna be total SWAGs based on photos from my reference books. Dare I try to carve up the canopy to have the escape hatches open? Only way to see into the cockpit.
The Monogram fuselage does not have the opening for the astrodome, so that will have to be scribed in. I will probably steal the bomb bay doors from the Airfix kit. I'll be leaning on M Maty12 for aft section bulkhead positions and other technical issues. Prop spinner profile, for example.
With the camera hatch open, I can prop a ladder in there to hold up the tail.
First impression of photo etch:
What a pain! I feel like I need a bunch of miniaturized metal forming machines like I have at work.
A little micro-brake, rollformer, etc.
I think I will cut a tiny piece of wood to wrap the control console to keep it the right shape.
I thought for a sec this was the 1/48 beast but I see it's that other scale. That PE will be a challenge for sure but still looking forward to the build. I like the Marauder.

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