German AFV Pictures.

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Apr 1, 2004
Here are some pictures of German Armoured Fighting Vehicles.


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Here's some pictures of the Panzerkampfwagen I. I will go through each tank then on to the other AFVs. I will provide some basic information with each set of pictures.

Pz. Kpwf I Ausf A :

Crew: 2
Weight: 5.4 tons
Speed: 37 km/h
Range: 145 km
Armament: 2*7.92mm MG13

Armour: 13/6mm (Max/Min)

This was the first tank in the Wehrmacht. First ordered in 1933 without a turret, it was merely the superstructure. The first 15 were designated Pz. Kpwf I Ausf A ohne Aufbau (without turret). This was to give the designers the feel of tanks, without breaking the Versailles Treaty. It was obselete by 1939 but was kept in frontline service until 1941. The excellent tactics of the Wehrmacht keeping it upfront until then. The last Pz. Kpfw I was the Ausf F which, of seven, were delivered to the 1st Panzer Division. It had a remarkable maximum armour of 80mm but still only had 2*7.92mm MG34 for armament. Only three were reported operational on the 1st July 1943. The last Pz. Kpwf I to roll of the production line was in December 1942. It mainly served as an internal security machine or scout vehicle, beyond 1940.

{Note: All pictures are of Pz. Kpfw I but not all of the Ausf A}



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Well, this thread can kick start you. I'll do the Pz. Kpwf II next but not right now.
Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf c, A, B und C{Note: I'm excluding all SPG based on the tank chassis}:

Crew: 3
Weight: 8.9 tons
Speed: 40 (km/h)
Range: 200 (km)
Armament: 1*2cm KwK30 L/55 1* 7.92mm MG34

Armour: 16/5mm(Max/Min)

Order to supplement the Pz. Kpwf I by providing automatice high-explosive and armour-piercing rounds. Ordered in July 1934 it was not long before the first design was out but the development took three 'marks' to become what was then built upon. That is why the first three designations are lower case instead of the usual upper case letters showing the mark. The Ausf a was actually split into three development stages a/1, a/2 and a/3. It being changed to a/2 only after 10 had been built. When first introduced these tanks were platoon commander tanks in normal platoons, and would equip full tank vs. tank platoons. They were the Wehrmachts main battle tank in Poland but were relegated to recce/exploitation role in the Western campaign and thereafter. The Pz. Kpfw II Ausf F was the last to role off the production line in December 1942, by then the Pz. Kpfw II equipped recce platoons of Panzer companies but were starting to be withdrawn to secondary duties.


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Pz. Kpfw 35{t}

Crew: 4
Weight: 10.5 tons
Speed: 35 (km/hr)
Range: 190 (km)
Armament: 1*3.7cm KwK34{t} L/40 1*7.92mm MG37 {t}

Armour: 25/8 (Max/Min)

The Pz. Kpfw 35(t) was the main battle tank of the Czech Army preceding Germanys annexation. It was an advanced design for 1939 with more than enough punch and protection to hold it's own against any other nation's armour. It was unreliable and complex though and although this was partly solved in German service it kept the bad reputation.

Out of all those captured only half were ready for service for the invasion of Poland, these served with 1st Light Division. Those produced under German occupation of Czechoslovakia were given to 6th Panzer Division which served in France 1940 with North Group in Russia 1941, with the Pz. 35(t).


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A few static displays from Duxford land warfare museum
All images are from my personel collection and my be used in the public domain by anyone


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They were Pz. Kpfw IV pre-F/2. Pz. Kpfw VI Ausf E 'Tiger'. StuGIII late-mark. Hetzer.

Nice pics. Although, I think the Tiger is wrong! The Liebestandarte symbol is on the wrong side.
That's why Germany lost the war. They gave a good piece of equipment to the Italians.
Anothers panzers , this time Stug IIIG also owned by the Republica Socialista Italiana, the north Italy alliance wich continue with the germans fighting after september 1943.



That's why Germany lost the war. They gave a good piece of equipment to the Italians.

Is it just me that thinks they should have let Italy copy all designs?

- pre-43 that is! :p

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