German Ruins from WW2

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Dec 26, 2003
Seeing as how I can't get to Germany myself any time soon, I like just looking at pics online - can you guys help me find information on any interesting German WW2 era sites, preferably military, in any condition spread all over the former Third Reich, not just Germany??

I've found Third Reich Ruins and desire more sites and info. Also I saw on TV a site in Berlin which is basically a huge cylinder on a pedestal, built to test extreme weight on Berlin soil (for the proposed triumphal arch) and in a forest on the outskirts of Berlin, a test site for bombproof materials, basically a collection of blasted up buildings and walls. Finally, a stadium Hitler proposed in granite but never finished, the outside is largely complete, but the inside is raw brick and abandoned; in Germany, I don't remember where though...

Thanks in advance, guys.
I dont know of any other sites other than the one that you allready use, but they are all over the place atleast here in Germany. I drive past ruins of the Third Reich all the time and you see things from it downtown. Hell I even work on an old WW2 Luftwaffe airfield.

On the front page of that website the Nurnberg Zeppelin Field party grounds is only about 30 minutes from house. They hold concerts and fests there now.

I go to that city about twice a week anyhow for the night life with my wife.

Basically all of those pics on that site, I have seen and been to.
In fact if you go to the Wehrmact posts page of that site, you see some of the military instilations that we use here in Ansbach, Germany. They dont have any of the airfield but from our support bases here in the city.
What so it is a very big building the underground bunker? I know that in London you can go through the Churchill War Rooms which is the underground bunker and it has audio commentary on these headphone things.
As soon as I find my cable to my computer from my camera I will post the pics I took at the Third Reich grounds in Nurnberg a few weeks ago.
As opposed to CC who needs a postcard or a mobile phone to communicate with the topic sometimes. Also what about posting a picture anyone of the remains of those big Todden Gun Batteries on the French Coast as well as a picture of them when they were in operation since this is German Ruins of WWII? Also those coastal radar stations on the French and Norweigen Coast etc. What remains of them?

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