Great use for your old 3.5" floppies!

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Apart from the sense of wellbeing that comes with breaking the mongrels in half, I was gobsmacked by the *Helath Warnings*

The edges of the metal dust cover and disk hub are extremely sharp. You can cut yourself on them, so be careful.

Doing this will destroy all data on the disk.

Do not attempt to place your new model into a floppy disk drive.


Just about peed my pants reading that.

OOOHHH it is sharp Jim Bob.

NOOOOOO can't kill data, naughty.

OOOOOOOPs, it didn;t work, what now Billy Bob?

Stuff my dog, OSH can take it up the wazooo.

OSH meet Military.....

"Be the best you can be... Warning, this job might be dangerous to yours or other peoples health. Preferably others."

:p :twisted:
I'm working on a project at work to decommision some old IBM 3174 "controllers" that use those 5" floppies.

Theres actually some pc techs I work with that had never seen a "floppy".
:lol: Welcome to getting older. My sons have no concept of rotary phones, black and white TVs, no remotes, no computers, film projectors...

{please excuse the author, he is now slitting his wrists}
It does move quickly to say the least. I can hear my son years from now...

"You used to work on a Turbo XT with 640k of RAM and a 20MB hard drive?!"

Maybe I'll pull out an old 8-track just to throw him off! ;)
Well, soon it'll be "You have a mechanical hard-drive!?! HAHAHAHAH!" Pretty pathetic that they still are, actually.
hehe, technology's moving fast but me and CC are of the generation to be able to keep up with it atleast, and we grow up with computers all around us so are very fluent in computers for the most part...........
I still have a few old Atari cartridges kicking around here too. Space Invaders, Star Raiders, Berzerk, Missile Command, Spider Fighter, Pitfall...Good times.

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