Group build #13 Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time

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Sounds like you have a challenge on your hands getting this one shipshape just to start the build and scratch building galore, so no problems with you having a go from this end.
if possible I would like to join this group start working on the fw 190 d9 of JV44 kit would be that of a tamiya 1/48 No 81.
i think there's too many parts missing for this build Evan,there is as much missing as the test shot Lancaster and that took with your help several months to get together,i will build her but as a start to finish rather than a G.B,thanks for the offer old mate i'll let you know whats missing when i do start thinking of starting the build,at the least to start with the whole of the front turret assembly including the sliding turret cover /guns etc have been lost,i think someone has taken these from the kit in the shop probably to replace damaged or missing parts and then put it back on the shelf for sale,they knocked down the shop 30 years ago so i don't think i can take it back
Cheers mate!

Re the Sunderland, I have two for my RNZAF collection: one will be converted to an MR.5 (Pratt Whitney engines), the other a Mk.III transporter with faired over turrets.
What this means for you is I have a full set of spare turrets, bomb gear, and Mk.III engines and props going, plus a spare canopy if you need one. Also, if one wing is damaged but repairable, I can trade you for one of mine, as I won't be doing these for quite a while yet.
Evan your a life saver,the wing is repairable and i'm not really worried about that but most of the transparentce plus the sliding front turret assembly are missing and yes you are right the main canopy,i think the rest is ok but won't know until i start to put it together,i don't understand why someone would remove parts from a kit and then put it back on a shelf as new taking so much care to make it look as new,i will proberly be building the later mk3 version,i think what i might do is look through the kit and note down exactly whats missing,have you any more wants you need ?
Yep, do that Bob, drop us a list of all the missing kit parts. Got you covered for everything you've mentioned so far.

As for 'wants', mostly just after some of the more obscure British and US types for the RNZAF collection. Maybe we can do a trade if you have any amongst your doubles.
what about a Percival Proctor 1V trainer,pm your address again to save me unpacking my bits[had to pack away again due to me doing more stuff on the house,i'll get my own room once i've done all this,better than the corner of the dining room table]

cheers Bob
Not 'easy' work, especially when the kit has lots of thick glue which needs to be sanded off! Btw, anyone have any tips of solvents which might help?

Bob, cheers for the offer mate, just after a Gull from Percival though. No worries, glad to be able to help with the build! :)
I understand that the next G.B. is to be Spitfire's, how about P-51's after that?
Or Trainers?
These suggestions may or may not have anything to do with the delivery I just recieved.
(Got my Spit Mk.VII, Yay!)
Thank you for your time!
Paul "Meatloaf109"
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