Group build #13 Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time

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Well I think I might be in on this one with a Tamy 1/48 Mosquito.The kit is good enough I think to just go OOB.I have already started painting the interior green this afternoon with some minor gluing taking place.Don't worry I took a pic before anything started.
I have several favorite aircraft lets see mustangs , bf109s , Fw190A-5 , corsair ,i have the tamiya 1/48 P-51D mustang maybe i should take a break from the 109s and build this
Yep, get it started!
I haven't decided whether or not to enter this GB, as I have a few problems which might come to a head in a month or so. However, I am considering doing a 1/48th scale Harrier GR9 of the Joint Harrier Force, not because it's a favourite, but due to promising it to my mate for the last year or so!
Thanks guys. Basically, it looks like I'm losing my battle with the local authorities over housing, and may have to move - where to or when, I don't know yet!!
Damn Terry, I wish you the best of luck with that my friend.

On the other hand, getting some distance between you and those hippocrocofrogs may be a positive.

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