guess who

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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
so ladies and gents where am I in this pic-start // taken two weekends ago, 50 miles of rolling hills and 3,000 feet of eleveation gain. there are some real characters in this bunch of scary spandex clad folk.....and don't go back to the earlier pages of the mug shots either....


E ♪
you guyz cheated........... :D

yes should have had the hair in a pony-tail or braided. Dang I am still the best looking of this sorry bunch
your not a kidding evan....... :) bah...........

the guy on the far right Ernie has a Litespeed custom to fit his big size. I stand at 5" 8" and he is over 6' 5" plus. His bike is about 3500.00 US.
the recumbents are pretty spendy as well some upwards of 3

My bike here is an old Trek 1200 frame but with Ultegra components to lighten it and I have it serviced more regularly than my truck or car so it is as quite as a mouse. cycling saves my sanity for one..... :idea:
I have 2 bikes, depending on what im doing. For long cycling journeys on the road I use my Claud Butler touring bike, with is a joy to ride. If im going up the moor though I use my Raleigh mountain bike. I also love cycling however last time I cycled a 1/2" screw went straight through the back tyre...
the friend with the moustache is actually French Canadian. you should see his wife......whoa a beautiful blonde and they look sharp on their tandem
far left!! that's an insult!!

and well done skimmer, you got it without problem whereas neither my girlfriend or my best friend were sure which one i was!!!

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