Hanging models

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Dec 8, 2006
I noticed a lot of you hang your models.Here's a suggestion on hanging models that makes them easier to hang and to take then down to work on.
I took a one by four board and drilled a hole every six inches the size of a modelers knife.now take the handles of two knives and insert them into any two holes approximately the distance you want the model to hang from the ceiling.Now take two pices of #50 black sewing thread and tie two loops around the knives.Put a dab of super glue on the tie so it won't come undone.Now you have two loops the same size.I use a cup hook in the ceiling and put the two loops in it.Slip one over the front and one over the rear of the aircraft.You can now tilt the model any way you want it for display.It easily will come out of the loops to remove it to work on or clean.I came up with this when I hung my forty-eight phantom II's and wanted then to all be in the same oeientation to each other.You can use two different lengths on each model to hang it climbing or diving.
Good idea, I normally use 3 pieces of black thread (one for the tail and one for each wing) and tie them in a knot around the place that particular one is going, for the wings they go between the fuselage and any engines they have to ensure the thread doesn't slip off the wings.
A drawing pin is put in the ceiling for the tail for the first attachment, the thread is tied round the pin at the required height and the process is repeated for the wings to get the bank/dive/climb wanted
I agree with you MM. Only I hang inside my display case. Keeps the dust down. When I have wood I use the hooks you describe and when its glass I use these suction cups for bathrooms. I posted a pic and the Warhawk has the metal hook and the Bf 109 at the bottom is hanging by the suction hook. The thread thing is exactlty as you described. Works for me!


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I know EXACTLY what you mean Wurger, thats why I keep'em in a case. Two many Zeros falling in my cereal bowl!!! :lol:

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