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Jul 3, 2006
Land of hope and Glory
Could someone help please?! I have a panzer 3 and two sdkfz 251's and i am unsure of how to paint them. It is set on the eastern front at about 1942
Hi !!!

Generaly,in 1938 was introduced a solid pattern of painting for a whole vehicle with Panzer Grau RAL 7021 (Dunkelgrau - FS 595B; 361118-36176).This was confirmed by Heeres Mitelungen instruction no. 864/ 30 July 1940.This kind of camo was used up to autumn 1940 when the Dunkelgelb RAL 7028 lub Wehrmacht Olive (FS 595B; 33275-33434) replaced Dunkelgrau.
In many cases the hulls were covered with mud what gave much better a real camo for the vehicles.In winter there was a need to use the white paint on the main camo.It was introduced 18 November 1941 There is a sample of the Panzer Grau RAL 7021 colour that the German tanks were painted with.And some colour profiles as an example from site: Panzer III


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The second part.

It is said that the Dunkelgelb RAL 7028 or Wehrmacht Olive (FS 595B; 33275-33434) was introduced on 18 February 1943 roku with Heeres Mitelungen instruction no. 181, but in fact the vehicles painted with Dunkelgelb appeared in winter 1942 roku. The instruction mentioned above introduced the new kind of the camo that consisted in painting on the main colour Dunkelgelb RAL 7028 ,that was made in factories, irregular spots, small spots, or other patterns with Olivegrün RAL 8002(FS 595B; 34510 - 34259) and Rotbraun RAL 8017 (FS 595B; 30117).The whole pattern of the camo was adapted to area conditions and year seasons.There are the "autumn camo" with the brown colour mostly and "spring-summer" one with the green colour predominantly. However,all vehicles were painted with two camo enamels very often.Thanks to that three-coloured patterns of camos were available.There were also vehicles used with manufactured painting only,especially during the Kursk battle period in July 1943.

There samples of the colours:


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i need pictures of them in the summer of '42, if thats possible. Heres my russian troops


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O.K I'm back.
There some Panzer III and one of Sd.Kfz 252 profiles.All of them present the camouflage that were used durnig the Kursk battle in 1943.I've found some others in my WW2 archieve but I can send them later 'cos I haven't had a scaner device so far and I have to ask for scanning my dudes who are not available for me today.Besides there is a link to the site where I've found them mostly.Although,the site is in Polish only I hope you manage with it and you will find some interesting pics there.


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THANK YOU! YAY! [does dance of joy] hmmmm i could almost hug you for all the help youv'e been...
when there finished i will show you
BTW Joe could you send your pictures a bit smaller.Unfortunately my display is not able to show them as a whole on the screen.It would be nice if you could resize them before posting.

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