Hi all!

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Jan 19, 2007
Hey! i feel a bit emberassed since i sunk deeply in warplane discussions as i detected this great site yesterday,and didnt notice the free talk part.so this won't be my very first post as it supposed to be. sorry for that:oops:

let me introduce myself:
Im 23yo,from Hungary but i actually live in Vienna to study medicine. since my teenage days im very interested in history,especially WW2 because of its complexity.My favourite topic is obviously the aircraft equipment, but i like tanks and warships aswell.
excuse me if my english aint perfect,i had only two years at school,i try my best:=)

i am thankful for every answer,'teaching' and sharing your knowledge with me
have you done anything in photography in Wien ? reason I ask, it would be nice to have some present day photos of the Heavy Flak towers in Vienna for the forums ............

welcome to the forums
i didnt but i gonna make some and we will see if the quality is decent. one of the flak towers is opened now as kinda seaworld with aquariums, and on its walls wannabe cliffhangers doin monkey stuff,so i do not promise anything,but i check it out 4 u if you're interested
pretty cool that'd be interesting to see, and what branch of medicine are you specialising in?
i study since im 18, since 5yrs. id like to be a pediatrics. i need like 2 years more until im finished, and plus 3 years for specializing in hospital itself .
well..to finish medicine (achieve the title dr.med.) requires 6 years minumum..its almost impossible tho .the average time is between 8-10,so i finish in 7-8 probably. to make specific education,like surgeon,pediatrics or whatever, takes years again. if im finished as rookie, i have to spend 3 years in a hospital on some station,its called 'turnus'. these years gonna be the hardest in my lifes. while working,we do the specialization and we have the chance to be taken on the station where we been.but of course,we are too many,so most of us have to wait even more.the odd thing is,there is a lack of qualified personal,but because of saving money,the less left have to work more instead of equaling the spots..ah..its far away,i dont even wanna think of it:)
the hospitals mostly, we have massive problems with waiting times and things like that in ours.........

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