Howdy Yall!

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Just found this place, looking forward to gettin to know yall!

Love Warbirds, especially WW2 ones! Goto airshows as much as possible, nothing like the sound of a piston engine plane!

Also am heavy into IL2 and other flight sims.

Check your six!
Welcome aboard. How's things in SC? Great place to visit. Went to Charleston in September. Loved it.
Thanks for the hearty welcome guys!

Been mainly reading some threads, looks like these are some great digs, lots of great information!

Yep lived me whole life here, but the area is booming population wise so I moved from the Charleston area out in the sticks!

Good fishin, and the deer are a plenty too, too many in fact lol!

Every once in a great while a thing of beauty graces our skies!
Here is a shot of Liberty Belle when she visited Chas AFB a few months back.




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