Howdy from Kansas

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Feb 13, 2011
My name is Gary and I live in Columbus,Ks.My model story is like alot of others.Built as a youngster,mostly semis,and then lost interest.Started building again 6 yrs ago when a friend got me an International paystar 5000 kit as a Christmas gift.Up until a couple years ago I never even thought of an airplane model kit.Built a 1/72 academy p-51 and have since got several more plane kits.The P-51 is my favorite plane with the F84 coming in a close second.Hope to learn some new techniques here.
Hi Gary (great name !) and welcome to the family. A lot of skilled guys 'n' gals on these pages, so any questions, just ask away and you'll probably get swamped with answers !!

G'day Gary, welcome from the land down under, you picked forum with a great bunch of guys, look forward to your input.
G'day Gary. Being a born and bred Californian, married and living now in Australia, my wife often tells me "well, your not in Kansas any more Todo"!

Welcome to the forum.....
Thanks for the welcome fellas.I'm just hopin I can get to where I can build a plane1/2 as good as what I've seen on here.There are alot of excellant builds on this forum.
Welcome Gary, I totally agree about the builds you will see here. Many could be flown away if you were tiny enough. I've learned more in a year than in the last 40 on my own
Once again thanks for all the warm welcomes fellas.I've got a tamiya zero that is on the bench now.I'll get some pics of it up later on.Only my plane second build.One thing I want to learn is the art of weathering.And from what I have seen on here I have defanantly come to the right place.

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