I want one of THESE!

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WHAT A TRIP - Remember the marionette show "Supercar?" :?:
Damn right Fly it was my favourite kids show


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That was with Robbie the("on our way home") robot and Professor Pop-kiss wasn't it? what was the name of that nutty honk honk creature that used to travel with them?.
They must have had one bleeding great pile of rocket sledges in that jungle Fly they lost one every time XL5 took off :)
Rigt on! I loved the inital "BANG" the rocket made when they fired the rockets, especially drifting in space!


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They used to play Fireball XL-5 in England when I was over there. I remember watching it in the dayroom with the other guys on saturday mornings while we were all nursing hangovers.
If you ever watch any of the Gerry Anderson puppet shows Fly look at the mics the characters use, they made them out of hi fi 5 pin din plugs soon as you see one it throws the scale of everything out very weird.
I found this Fly with some original black and white TV pictures
Love the closing Fireball XL-5 theme. I had it on a CD and would play it while I was flying around in my C-150, which just happens to have flames on it! ;)
A lot of the stuff that Gerry Anderson used in Thunderbirds Wildcat came from XL5 like the idea for the hover bikes and the Hood although his name was'nt that in XL5 also he developed the pyrotechnics on XL5
Yes the pyrotechnics was always a highlight of each Thunderbirds episode. You could always guarantee something was going to get blown up in a most spectacular fashion.

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