Identification of Soviet Aircraft

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Hello Once more,

Another aircraft seems to have stumped me, This one, the light aircraft is a Hs 126, but the larger Russian one I have no idea what it is; could it be an Il-2? Sorry for the small picture, it is a scanned image from one of my grandfathers actual WWII albums.

Some scanner software allows you to "Digitally crop" images. You can zoom into an area and enlarge it with a nice resolution. If you can, try that as larger images make it easier to identify. But I will agree with everyone else, it looks like an IL-2 to me also. That album sounds like a real treasure!
Its an Il10, a development of the Il2. The shorter canopy is one clue, the smoother nose another.
its not the length of the fuselage you can tell its an IL10, but look at the length of the cockpit ;)

this is an IL-10

heres the IL-2
c, the IL 10 has a shorter cockpit, the early version of the IL10 had the lack of a rear gunner, thats why the cockpit is shorter.
many of them were shot down because of this ;)
the later version had a reinstalled rear gunner position.

the other plane isnt a stuka (look at the left wheel) but i cant tell what plane it is :/
look at the weels, they are bolted to the side of the plane (u know like a piper club) so i dont think its a fighter, at least not a standard one ;).
so yes it could be a Hs-126 i completely agree with you! :D
but still, i find it hard to c any wings, but the fuselage shape is exact the same.

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