Identify This Acft, Pls!

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
I'm playing one of these obligatory "guess which" contests on one forum and I'm curious what kinda aircraft is this one...... Can you help?

I can tell it's RAF an probably pre-WW2.


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I thought something didn't look right for those roundels to be British. Good find, Joe. What is the deal with the normal looking cockpit, but the bubble canopy? Goofy.
But it's look was it's secret weapon, you see. As the enemy fighter closed, the laughter began and he finds it difficult to take aim because he is laughing so hard at "that aerial abomination". ;)
Potez 75; Year: 1955
Span: 13.00m; Length: 9.10m; Height: 2.65m; Wing Area: 28.70 sq. m; Potez 8D-32 engine of 336kW; 1800 kg empty; 2500 kg loaded; Max: 275 kph; ROC: 420 mpm; 1 x 12.7 mm MG; Thankfully only 1 built, and a waste of metal it was at that!

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