Ill be gone for a few weeks

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Tech Sergeant
Dec 20, 2005
I'm going to the US, Canada, and Mexico I wont be able to contact any of you or pay a visit cause i have no idea where in those countries we are going to

tnx, although I wont be able to make it to the Chino Airshow, I will be able to pay a visit to the museum
thanx, i'm somewhere in California ATM (i can't tell my location, i got to ride in a 2006 model Corvette,I hit 120mph the weather is good, the temperature is 16C/70somethingF, while back home it's 36C
the family car is a BMW 545i, I'll upload the pics when i get back home
I see more Cessna and Robinsons choppers here than I've ever seen b4

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