In a battle zone, what target would you attack first?

In a Battle Zone, What would you attack first?

  • Car, Jeep, SUV

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  • Truck

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  • Civilian aiding the enemy: informer, food seller, clothes maker, ect.

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  • Goverment Building

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  • The Whole enemy Country

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  • Enemy held Mountain, Plain, Beach, ect.

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  • Tunnel, Mountain Pass, ect.

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  • Dam

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  • Enemy Town or City with Troops inside

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  • Non-military target Town, City, ect.

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  • Enemy Habitat: Beach, Mountain, River, Canyon ect.

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  • Training Facility

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  • Hospital, drug factory

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  • Any Military Personnel

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  • Repair Facility

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  • Science, Research Center

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Soundbreaker Welch?

Tech Sergeant
Feb 8, 2006
Colorado, USA
It is wartime. It could be WWI, WWII, or something later or earlier.

You can be using any kind of weapon, vehicle, tank, plane, ship, ect.

You are thrust suddenly into a battle zone. There are multiple enemy targets above you, below you, beside you, around you. You can choose to attack any target as orders are not too complicated: Kill the Enemy.

It's multiple choice, so you can vote for two or more of those targets you would wish to attack first.

Study the targets closely. Some of them may be surpurflous or cruel.
If the enemy cannot communicate and direct his assets, then he is marginalized quite quickly. I would best serve my 'side' by taking out as
much of the enemy's communications infrastructure as possible.
If the enemy cannot communicate and direct his assets, then he is marginalized quite quickly. I would best serve my 'side' by taking out as
much of the enemy's communications infrastructure as possible.

Ditto. Two Eagles has it. In Manuver warfare, the ability to communicate is critical. You can keep track of your enemy with communications to your units.

As they say in the fighter pilot world, "Lose the sight, lose the fight".
Yup, but Id also hit there radar and recon at the same time. After that I would steal the motorcylce and go to the amusement park or go catch a movie with some civlian chick that I just captured.
I forgot stuff. I forgot to put in "Insurgents" or "Guerilla Fighter."

They are neither military personnel or civilians aiding the enemy. They are in a class by themselves.


And there are two poll options that are pretty much the same: "Total War" and "The Whole Enemy Country."


I didn't specificlly put in a option for hitting a high ranking officer, like how we killed Isoroku Yamamoto in a coup, but since there is a poll option "Any Military Personnel" I think that sorta counts for five star Generals and Admirals.

And I put in a lot of dumb, demoralizing things as well such as "Skyscraper." Certainly for a Terrorist, that is the target they would pick to hit first. Weird, huh?

Think how upset America's Kids would be if Disney Land was destroyed in an Act of War by another Country.

If you wanted to hit a "Nuclear Plant," then you can put your vote under "Power Plant" or "WMD."

For any possible Anerchists on this board I put in the option of being able to destroy the Whole World, first, and then get everything else. Where the anarchist would be while that is happening is beyond me.

And though some of the options are not just WWII, a lot of them can fit into a WWII context. There were early forms of Cruise missils such as the V1 bombs. There were early space rockets during the time of WWII. And there were early computers, such as the Norden Bombsight.

Have fun, but be careful.
I just saw the 'motorcycle' listed as a target - comic relief, that.
Can see the headlines, "Sub launched Tomahawk cruise missile
destroys 1978 Norton Commando! Shock and Awe!" :)
Good point on the list. I guess most of us were responding to the idea that the war was one against a western enemy. What if the enemy isn't that at all but something like a Al Quida?

Makes "Whole Country" look different. We all assume the enemy will surrender if incapacitated. What if they only go underground and pop up again? Whole City/Town/Country" may be an answer.
Well, if any of the moderators on here want to add on "insurgent, terrorist, resistance fighter, guerilla fighter, ect." option to the poll I would be quite happy and grateful.

You could even stick on "Five Star General" if you're in the mood.:)

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