Informations about German Oakleaves holder pilot

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Dec 27, 2005
Hello Gentlemen,

Im new in this forum, and im not sure if this right place to put my question ,but anyway....

Im looking for confirmation of some data of Joachim Kirschner , Oakleaves # 267.
DoD - 17/12/43

in , he won the Ritterkreuz in 23/12/43 and Oaks in 2/8/43 . Is this possible ? Oaks before Ritterkreuz ???
Anyone can confirm this information ??

Thx in advance

Regards and Happy New Year

from the OdR:

received the Ritterkreuz December 23, 1942 as a Leutnant
received the Eichenlaub # 267 as a Oberleutnant on August 2, 1943
received the Deutsche Kreuz on December 21, 1942
received the Ehrenpokal on December 21, 1942

seems that the 21 of December 42 was a big day for Joachim !

over 600 missions, 188 kills, 20 in the west, 2 Viermots, 22 Soviet a/c kills on the ground.

shot down and killed on December 17, 1943 in a Bf 109G-6, werke nummer 20618, bailed out from combat and captured by commie partisans and then ................

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