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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
I have 1 mbps internet connection...
I have usually 800 kbps download and around 700 kbps upload ratio.
Last two or three days, I have like 2-5 kbps download!!! WTF is that? Why? I guess it could be because of downloading but I just a bit overstepped the daily amount of downloaded data (I download all the time, I just downloaded some more stuff several days back...)

Can anyone tell me why my net is now so slow? Even the pages show up like 10 seconds... Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Thanks for any explanation or help!
If you do have a download limit then once you pass that the connection is usually either throttled back to dialup speeds which are around the speed your getting now.

I would suggest that you have breached your download limit if nothing else has occured.
I guess so. I probably have the quota per day, cause today I have a normal speed again! :D

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