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hi everyone, just signed up, myself and my 13 year old son are plane buffs. Ijust finished building this Lancaster full scale " nose art " replica and thought this may be a place where members might like to see it. It's 36" X 66", aluminum with 467 rivets. I built the frame to make it look like a shipping crate. I measured up 4 different Lancs to get the rivet spacing correct, and found 3 different patterns !!


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Great stuff there, Rollie!

By the way, my great-uncle and my second cousin flew Lancasters with the Pathfinders during WW2.
G'day Rollie from another Aussie. Great art work. Also I am a son of a 467 RAAF Squadron Lancaster Mid Upper Air Gunner

And nearly forgot. Welcome to your son as well.
Hi Rollie
Thats a clever idea it looks really good thanks for showing it and welcome to the site

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