Iraqi Mig Buried in the Desert....

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Heres some shots that u guys might find interesting....

If u can bury a Mig, why not some barrels of chemical agents...


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mmm,wonder what else is buried in the endless sands of iraq?
Exactly the question is what else is burried in their sands in Iraq. A complete Frog missile-launcher with a chemical warhead wouldn't surprise me if they found one. Sadam has been an expert at hiding his weapons in the past, why would that change now? 1991 he was pretty clever at hiding them. What has changed to really make us think he has totally abandoned them? No he had in his speechs alluded to some WMDs hidden somewhere. Were these weapons awaiting perfection in quantities and some information from Tehran to help with delivery methods? Scud missiles were very effective in the Desert Storm: Gulf War I in striking fear into the heart of enemies even if they weren't equipped with chemical warheads. The UN would only act when it is too late. By the time something like WMDs are actually confirmed by a nation it is too late to do anything, but while they are still being ho-hum and not giving a straight-answer there is still a chance of destroying them before they are perfected.
"Scud missiles were very effective in the Desert Storm..."

No they weren't. They would be launched, destroyed by a patriot then the launcher would be destroyed by aircraft. Scud missiles are no more advanced than a V-2 rocket.
Unfortunatly, the Patriot had some problems back then... It would intercept the missle, but not destroy the warhead, and the remnants of the Scud would continue to fall to earth....

The scud was effective in 2 ways...

1. It struck fear, terror, and desperation to the citizens of Israel, to the point of carrying gas masks with them wherever they went....

2. It proved to the world that Iraq, or Saddam, had the capability to strike somewhere localized, outside of his/Iraqs borders, which also promoted the terrorism and fear aspect of his Scuds...
Not effective against us though.
This is very true.... I saw to the destruction of several SCUD launch sites, missles and personel.... The Iraqis did not keep up their equipment well...

We came across several locations where they tried to fire their missle, but the missle did not lauch and destroyed the launch site...

We laughed our asses off at the stupid idiots laying in the sun, mummifying...

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