Iraqi Mig Buried in the Desert....

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I bet you did. I think it is ridiculous that Iraq believed they could fend off modern military with equipment no more advanced than that of World War 2. It must be that unhealthy infatuation with Allah.

I have to ask; did you have the joy of ending any Scud sites or, at least, laser pin-pointing them for the flyboys?
Once they learned that they were being systematically blotted from the desert, yes they started moving them around... What we ended up doing was tracking them via satillite, and when theyd stop and redeploy, thats when we'd hit em...

A 25 minute helo ride, insert, 5 minutes to objective, 5 minutes to clear objective and blow SCUD inplace... Was rather cut and dry....
Must have been interesting. You would think they would have gotten wise and tried to set up an ambush so that they could keep them safer. But then again, I guess they didn;t have the resources to protect them all. Good job though, Les!
Yeah, good job on those Scuds, les. The Special Forces sure showed the Coalition commander up (what was his name? Schwarz something, or something) he said at the start of Desert Storm that Special Forces would have no place in modern wrong he was.
Yeah, I heard he was directing that comment at the SAS. And then he personally shook the hand of a lot of SAS lads after the Gulf. At least he's gutsy enough to admit he was wrong.

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