Is this an A26 or a F7F

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Jun 4, 2005
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Theres a spirited debate on the B29 forum about this aircraft. It was taken in 1945 or 1946 on Guam.

Is it an A26 or a F7F? I'm leaning for the A26 because of the wing span.

If you respond, tell me the reason you think so.


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If it's an A-26, look at the canopy, no clamshells. Is it an early one? I tried to blow up the photo, can't make it out.
Zooming the picture shows a clamshell arrangement for the front undercarriage as opposed to being attached to the leg down to the wheel.

Also visible are the air intakes on the cowling tops.

A-26 for my choice.


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I have no idea how anyone can think that plane is a F7F Tigercat. One give away is the glazed nose ! :rolleyes:
Lanc, the guys who were debating it were flying these aircraft since before our parents were little babies or even before they were born.

Sometimes their memory has faded a bit.

Plus they pointed out that sometimes the planes were modified on the airfield for one reason or another and it was never documented "officially". I would not put it past some marine to say "if the AAF had droop snoot P38's, why cant we have droop snoot Tigercats".
I would definitely say A-26. Here are shots of both. I noticed that shot came from Do you have a direct link to the shot? I would like to see it bigger.


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