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Jul 2, 2006
Kiwi Land
We unfortunate blokes in Kiwi land have to watch TV commercials like these for BEER all the time.

How much can a bloke take before he grabs one.


Enter the site and go to Downloads.
This will be an interesting thread once syscom finds it. He will come in here about Budweiser will blow away anything from Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world. :rolleyes:
He can try.

We don't call it Weasels P!ss for nothing. Most liqour outlets don't even stock that muck.

Truth in Advertising.


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Kiwi Air (RNZAF) WW2.

SBD-4 at Whenuapai, Auckland 1943, war weary.

25 Sqn meet their new planes

NZ208 at Wigram, Christchurch

NZ5034 Espirito Santo, hand painted roundel over "Stars" and Kiwi White Bars added. 25SU.

Paddys Mistake Bouganville NZ5056. 3 x 500 pd load out.

F/Sgt C M O'Neil and F/Sgt D W Gray, Paddy's Mistake's crew


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And a hint of whats to come

15 Sqn P-40's and Unknown RANZaf Hudsons, Guadalcanal

75 Sqn Lancaster rear gunner.


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Now what is wrong with this picture.

He has just got off the cell phone to his girlfriend.

I will see you in an hour, I am just going into my really expensive gym to use the Stair Walker." :rolleyes:


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Due to a reduction in volunteers, the Kiwi Land Army has formulated a new defence strategy to dissuade any invasion force.

"We have 90,000,000 potential recruits here" said a spokesman for the Army.


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Meanwhile in Australia Deer Hunting season has resulted in some good catches during the opening day.

However the National Duck Hunting Association has issued warnings to its members.


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Gerald, I keep telling you that sense of humour WILL get you in trouble one day.


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One thing that annoys me.

People go to great lengths to build a scale lancaster bomber and screw the pooch with the glasshouse.

Read my lips, it isnt a total outside frame unless you are doing a Mk XII Canadian assembled late war Lanc.

Photo 1 shows the normal stuff up made. The outside of all the frames are painted in camo colours. (forget the fact that Hasegawa put the escape hatch 1 frame too far forward)


From the second large side windows back, the horizontal frame and the last vertical frame before the astrodome were Black and Inside the canopy itself.

The whole section at the back of the glasshouse was made out of Spruce wood not metal. Thin Ali strips were used on the cross frames on the outside bolted through the perspex and spruce frame underneath.

The rest of the pics are from Air Publications and real planes.

Easiest way is to use clear transfer material and spray paint it black, then set thin strips on the inside of the canopy on the correct lines.

Sand off the existing external frames from 600 to 2000 grit sandpaper and finally polish out scratches with toothpaste.

When you mask off the external framing of the canopy, shoot flat black first, then your canopy colours. This looks "Normal" now when viewing the canopy as they had black interior framing.


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