Lancaster takes to the skies

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I was there....


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that should read hippie and I am truly offended ............ bah

I've seen wartime pics of this very bird, they have done a great job on the repaint and I would deem it an honor just to be there and witness those engines starting up
To hell with Hippies. Those Merlin Engines. The throb of those 4 beasties even on a video tape is unmistakable. Thanks for the video and the photos I enjoyed it all
There was a decent-enough documentry on Discovery Turbo the other night, think it was the same plane shown flying. What a great machine; always reminds me of a giant dragonfly for some reason
Why the Red and the Yellow bombs and what does the ice cones mean?

The icecream cones I believe represent Italian missions...

The Red bombs... no idea..

I contacted the BBMF web site a month back and was given permission to use this noseart on T4T's Lancasters.. I shall have to contact them again and ask about the red bombs

The ice cream cones are Italian missions,yellow were night missions and white were day missions.I'm still checking but I think red were Berlin missions.

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