Least Purty Aircraft of WW2

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Dec 17, 2004
What are the least attractive aircraft of ww2?

Heres one:

Arado AR 198



An unsuccessful rival to the Focke-Wulf Fw 189 Uhu. It had disappointing handling and performance. Only prototype made

I would say the vickers wellesley is high up the list. The shape of it is just awful to look at. Another ugly plane is the Martin B-10/B-12. The Vickers Vincent is also a really ugly plane.
Id put the Lancaster and early Halifax's here because I think theyre hideous.

This is pretty f*cking ugly too.


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Well, leaving out everything french (listing all those would take forever ;)) the ones high on my list would be the Wellington Mk.VI, Caproni Stipa, Ju287, Handley Page Hampden and Curtiss SO3C...
The La-5FN and La-7.

While of interesting look when seeing profiles, I was surprised to realize how ugly and dirty they look in photo.

Like if they had been hastily produced. I have photos of brand new La-7s being delivered to squadrons and they already look worn out. Actually, they don´t look that very new.

The fuselages which should be clean and neat since we are talking about planes that just left the assembly lines, looks irregular, pretty much like if a group of messy children had glued the pieces.
You would have had a great view of the Bf109s and 110s coming to shoot you down, through all those windows!


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Gnomey said:
That is one ugly plane Dac. Continuing with French Bombers with a great view of incoming BF109's and 110's: Bloch MB210.

Didn't Bloch change his name to Dassault after the war and produce some pretty decent aircraft?
French bombers??? Didnt know those exist back during WWII....

Hell, i didnt even know the French had any aircraft!

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