MK's first 'warbird'

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Apr 6, 2005
One of the best (few) local historical attractions in our fair city is Bletchley Park. I have only been there a couple of times but it is a great place if you like WW2 anc computers.

It just got even better - see photo - the local ATC has been given a genuine 'warbird'. This is a Harrier GR3 which saw action in the Falklands.

Hope to pop down and see it soon.

BP is where I filmed the Lanc and Spitfire of the BBMF.


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An intriguing notion that never came to owt - Tornados in the USAF.

BTW I have just bought a new scanner toy to play with. I am trying to work through my pile of photocopies and get them on the computer so I can throw the originals away.


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Royzee617 said:
so I can throw the originals away.

I presume your'e backing up multiple times on DVD-RW, hard disc dives etc.
But keep the really good originals because paper is still alot more sturdy than any current digital storage
Please don't stoke my paranoia any more...') I have so much stuff that needs archiving reading etc. Same goes for audio and video. I lose sleep wondering whether my discs will endure. I have been doing all sorts/ Floppies (too small) flash USB (still a bit small), Zip (clumsy and incompatible) CDs (OK but how long will they last?) DVD -R. +R, and RW (argh!) Never mind the medium what about being able to find a computer and s/w to read them?

Then you should keep dupes of the back ups in different locations (Ihave a locker nearby in the Big Yellow Box for that). oh it goes on and on.

Another part of me subscribes to the notion that we are in a waterfall of information so just let it wash over you and await the next lot.... life's too short!

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