My Highschool's band

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Well, it's meant to look like one, but I think it's actually just a platform. But I think sometimes they DO stand on a drum. But you know, drums aren't strong enough to hold a person.

My school's band (The Kilties) has achieved fame nationally. They were even at the Macy's thanksgiving day parade, from what I gathered. In the 80's they opened up one of the Fiesta Bowls.
We have a great drumline too. Whenever our band has drum offs with rival schools, we own their asses :D

It's great to just sit and listen after completing a tough football game, know what I mean?
not to mention that the drums in the pregame are so Powerful it's like taking a shot of steroid in the arm.

sometimes when the highland dancer girls (and damn do they have nice legs ;) ) dance, they actually will have swords to dance over.
I could not live there. I have to have more than one season in my year.

I like warm to hot summers, mild fall and spring and very cold and snowy winters like we have here in Germany.

But then again as soon as my wife is done with her studies we are moving to Alaska and there you only have summer and winter.
Yeah, we don't get get snow, But it can get as cold as 35 degrees during the winter (as we found out last december. Obviously none of us were prepared for that lol) I love snow too, and I miss the 4 seasons. But hey, what can you do, right?

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