My Hungarian He 170A

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Le Stuka

Aug 31, 2006
Hi guys, this is my Heinkel He 170A of the Royal Hungarian Air Force (RHAF). I was going to build the He 70F-2, the one that was used in Spain, but I opted for this one.:) It served with a Reconnaissance Unit during 1942, but replaced by more modern designs.



P.S: Was it true that the He 70/170/270 was vulnerable to ground fire because the metal used to produce it was light and flimsy and it would break up? I can't remember where I saw that, but I think its true.
What is the name of the model firm which kit you have used or you 've made scratche-built?
Revell you said? thanks for the info cos I never had this model and would like to find it.
Rather than using decals for hungarian colors on the tail, you could have painted the stripes using masking tape. Guess it would look a little more realistic.
Revell you said? thanks for the info cos I never had this model and would like to find it.

I've firstly thought about the old Matchbox model but Revell has offered also it .The main model is the He-70 Blitz ( as I remember the nickname ).There are included parts for He-170A with three camo patterns.


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No wonder Vince.It is not easy to find this model.As I remember I've seen the one at my mate's shop for modellers once only.It was two years ago.It seems that isn't a popular kit.
Here's the pictures for Matt, enjoy!


P-51D, Cripes O'Mighty - Airfix original from 1975, picked it up at Luechars airshow in 2004.


Achtung Spitfire! Heinkel He 111 H-6 with torps against a Mk I Spit and a Mk II Spit. A Free French Bristol Blenheim Mk IV in the background, and a Ju 88 is on the wing of the Heinkel but you can only see small part of the wing. Zeke, Val and Hellcat can be seen in the background also, as well as my Italian Ju 87R.


Junkers Ju 290, complete with chasing Mosquito!

Enjoy all!
Using Pisis' translation of Royal Hungarian Air Force in Hungarian, I've managed to make this Christmas cracker picture!


Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
Nice collection.I like it.:)
But you should think about cleaning the dust.Having the models in a good condition you would easier fall asleep.
I can't get it off! Perhaps I'll see the topic at the top of the page.

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