My personal War vs Ants

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Nov 5, 2005
Let me give you a little back ground. Through out my front yard I have about 7 big ant hills and dozens of small ant hills. I have never had a problem with ants until this year.

I have young kids, cats and a dog so I want to stay away from poison.

I did a little looking around on the net and I found that baby powder works on ants. It is supposed to block the pores on their skin (which I read they breath threw) and when they walk over the powder they will not be able to find their way back to the ant hill. Apparently it stops them from leaving a chemical trail which they follow back home. So I guess the idea is that the powder blocks their pores, slowly killing them or it blocks or masks their chemical trail so they can't find their way back to the mound.....thus they get lost and starve.....then the mound will starve without ants bringing back food for it.

Either way this is the first round between me and the ants. I think the neighbors think I am nuts spreading all this white powder around my yard. I bought 15 pounds of baby powder last night to fight with. :lol:

My personal war vs the ants using WMD (aka baby powder).

If you have any "proven" methods to get rid of ants please post them, but remember no poison please......and needless to say NO explosives or flame throwers!!!

My mum used to use diluted washing up liquid - same sort of principle - remove the trails for the ants to follow. But we had a large stone patio, and ant's, supposedly, don't like travelling over dried washing liquid. Not very eco-friendly though.
How about a few of these then?
I will kill the little bastards one way or another. I already warned my Wife, I told her its ms vs the ants.........she knows how stuborn I can be....she is staying out of it.

Did you ever see the show from "Married with Children" when Al Bundy was trying to kill that rabbit in his backyard? Thats me. Those little bastards are history..............:evil:

:lol: That's what I was thinking. "Would you like me to point you to the adult diaper section?"

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Don't laugh once when I was younger I worked at this garage at night. This city worker walks in to use the washroom......after he leaves I walk by there and glance in. All over the floor and toilet was baby powder.....every freaking where. The guy must of powdered his whole huge azz and groin area. :lol: :lol:

I was thinking, we should start a new thread...

"Worst Experiences at Work: The Sublime, The Bad The Ugly"

Bet we would get some doozies.

I was thinking, we should start a new thread...

"Worst Experiences at Work: The Sublime, The Bad The Ugly"

Bet we would get some doozies.

Sounds good, you start it and I will post.

Any help with my damn ants problem? I am about to hit them again in a few hours after I get home from work.
Oh hell, Hunter. Put some damn Diazinon on them and move on dude. Life's short. You cram all sorts of carcinogens in your kids throats on a daily basis but you fret about some chemicals in your yard? I bet your wife's laundry detergent is doing more harm to them. It'll toughen 'em up. :)
LMFAO Matt....

I gotta agree tho.... The way that stuff works, just make a ring around the mound and theyre done.... Tell the kids to stay away from the white sh!t and leash up the dog for a couple days....

U, the kids, the wife and pets will be fine....

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