New guy from Kwajalein, Marshall Islands....

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Hi all!

Well, I heard about this site from Wrath1, who's a new member that lives on Roi, at the north end of Kwajalein Atoll...I live on Kwajalein island, which is at the south end of the atoll, and a 12 minute commuter plane flight from Roi.

I also know the webmaster for the 109 lair, who's a friend of mine as well. I've just not ever visited this site until now.

In a thread posted by Wrath1, someone mentioned an interest in pictures of the Prinz Eugen. I'm a scuba diver, and I've made several dives on that wreck. Just let me know if anyone wants dive pictures.

Also, I've got a lot of dive pics of various Japanese shipwrecks, and pics from the aircraft graveyard off Roi...those pics include SBD's, Wildcats, and a Zero shot down off Roi during WWII.

The way I see it, Wrath1 can keep you guys busy with stuff from Roi, and I'll do the same with stuff from Kwajalein! :)

Looking forward to a good time here. Cheers everyone!

I'm the one who requested the pics of the Prinz Eugen.

Please do.

And any other pics you have of the atoll would be appreciated. Many of us have an interest in that part of the world.

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