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    Good day,
    I am working on an information and eduaction campaign called Trenches to Foxholes. This is an official product for the U.S. Army Garrison Benelux.
    I have some discovered a series of errors in our WWI and WWII history documents. There is also missing information as well some information that appears in error, but I have no proof in either direction.
    I will probably find many other questions to ask, but right now I am trying to find out about a bombing mission by the RAF 82 Squadron over Chievres Belgium on November 1, 1940. This supposed to be the first bombing of the air base here, but I have yet to find any supporting evidence.
    Also, if its isn't true would anyone know when the first bombings took place at Chievres. I have a local history book, but another historian disputes that, but has yet to provide any proof.

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