New Thread For Schematics

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Oct 26, 2004
I think there should be a new set of threads for hand weapons, ground vehicles, ships and also aircraft as at the moment I have a whole pile of these things I could post but nowhere to put them in. Since a gallery has been made for videos could one be made to this purpose, please?
Yes, that is what I mean 3 plan views of some aircraft and sometimes even a four dimension plan of some. I have all manner of those. Ah, it'd take a while to post the ones I have got. A few ones of ww2 tanks, ww2 aircraft as well as modern ones. Be good to get a gallery for that as it doesn't fit in with what is up there currently.
I mean as in front, side, back, bottom. That is what I meant by a four dimensional plan view of some of these planes and things. Believe it or not some aircraft are posted this way. I thought that would interest you to hear about that. Should one of our senior members turn this into a poll, so that members can vote on whether there should be a thread for schematics and then there can be a vote on the form it should take and some discussion? Healz.

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